not myself​-​titled

by Jerome Knappett

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Debut EP by Jerome Knappett.


released September 3, 2014

Jerome Knappett - Vocals/Guitar/Percussion

Nicholas Williams - Bass
Kat Chish - Violin

Recorded and Mixed by Dave Brown
Mastered by Jason Sandford @ Dex
Artwork by Weak Knees



all rights reserved


Jerome Knappett Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: you kneed me, you bitch
You got your karma in advance for all the deeds you've yet to do.
The knees you've yet to bruise, ignoring pleading for the truth.
You got your karma in advance for all the deeds you've yet to do,
or haven't mentioned.

You got your foot inside my door and gracefully slipped off your shoes.
Clumsily you paid your dues, vaguely self-saving, slightly confused.
You left me locked beneath the floor, carelessly you left your shoes.
Clearly it came to be all of your deeds were saved for me.

Waiting is wasting, but there's not much more I can do.
Everything is perfect it's all the way you turn it,
so when you turn it this time make it worth it.

My sins are knee-deep, yours are up to your chin.
I never learnt to swim.
My sins aren't ending but I know where I've been.
I never learnt to swim,
you laughed and pushed me in.

But a girl needs a man,
not someone standing on boxes, constantly offering hands.
Cos men can be ruthless and openly not give a damn
and girls understand.
But you never grew into me,
you dropped three sizes to how you used to be.
They made no sense to you, all the silly deeds I'd do.
Track Name: single player RPG
It seems so strange to be currently without someone to chase,
I don't know quite where I should be.
I scour endlessly through rotten debris and waste
and come out reeking on the other side.
I want someone completely out of mind
but just regular enough for conversation,
to lean my back against and sleep.

So since this can't be about anyone it must be about you.
I wish you were around to see the state you've made me.
I'd ask you how you've been
and you'd reply depending on what you'd been doing lately.

And I'd never let you live it down.
No, I wouldn't ever let you live me down.

Vague possibilities spear my mind
and barb the blade so it's impossible to retrieve.
Don't believe me? Pull my brain to bits and see.
I'd call you every girl I'd ever met.
You'd call me a co-dependent, nervous wreck.

Help! HELP!
I'm filling up my shelf! I'm watching movies by myself!
I know interesting trivia about the actors and directors
and there's no-one here to tell.
I'm worried that you'll like the look but won't get past the smell.
I'm worried that I'll tell you and then you'll worry as well.

and I'd never let you live it down.
Track Name: oh, well
Let's split up,
I just feel like we'd cover more ground.
And there's a lot of things I'd like to do without you around.
Like just give up,
have a feed and maybe go to sleep.
Though I can never remember my dreams I hope you can remember them for me.

Whenever we meet you never see my side.
Our eyes are parallel lines.

So you relax
and you can tell, because your lips part slightly.
Just enough to only see your front teeth.
You're in the front,
I'm in the back but I can see you in the mirror,
and I can see that you are relaxed.
Oh god, what I wouldn't do for that,
I wouldn't take it back.

If I could just stop moving,
just... not even for a minute.
That's all I'd need to be somewhere completely different.
And that's all you'd need,
that's all you've ever seemed to need.
For me to stay still and watch you ride the planet past me.

Whenever we meet you never meet my eyes.
Whenever we speak you never see my side.
We must have parallel minds.
Our eyes are parallel lines.
Track Name: grow up
I am 150,000ft tall.
I blow men from mountains and laugh as they fall.
My head is despondent from breathing the clouds,
so i picked up a doctor.
I told her if she fixed all my problems then I might put her down.
She said 'well, what do you want?'

But I can't remember a single word that I said.
But she kissed me at the end.

I am 4mm from split end to heel.
I should have kissed you in the morning
just to prove that I was real.
Like when you said 'what do you want?'

How could real life be better?
Real, honest life gets better.
Keep up or get better.

I wish I could recall the exact words and order they were said,
because if I could remind her
she might kiss me at the end.