Let's split up,
I just feel like we'd cover more ground.
And there's a lot of things I'd like to do without you around.
Like just give up,
have a feed and maybe go to sleep.
Though I can never remember my dreams I hope you can remember them for me.

Whenever we meet you never see my side.
Our eyes are parallel lines.

So you relax
and you can tell, because your lips part slightly.
Just enough to only see your front teeth.
You're in the front,
I'm in the back but I can see you in the mirror,
and I can see that you are relaxed.
Oh god, what I wouldn't do for that,
I wouldn't take it back.

If I could just stop moving,
just... not even for a minute.
That's all I'd need to be somewhere completely different.
And that's all you'd need,
that's all you've ever seemed to need.
For me to stay still and watch you ride the planet past me.

Whenever we meet you never meet my eyes.
Whenever we speak you never see my side.
We must have parallel minds.
Our eyes are parallel lines.


from not myself​-​titled, released September 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Jerome Knappett Melbourne, Australia

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