you kneed me, you bitch

from by Jerome Knappett



You got your karma in advance for all the deeds you've yet to do.
The knees you've yet to bruise, ignoring pleading for the truth.
You got your karma in advance for all the deeds you've yet to do,
or haven't mentioned.

You got your foot inside my door and gracefully slipped off your shoes.
Clumsily you paid your dues, vaguely self-saving, slightly confused.
You left me locked beneath the floor, carelessly you left your shoes.
Clearly it came to be all of your deeds were saved for me.

Waiting is wasting, but there's not much more I can do.
Everything is perfect it's all the way you turn it,
so when you turn it this time make it worth it.

My sins are knee-deep, yours are up to your chin.
I never learnt to swim.
My sins aren't ending but I know where I've been.
I never learnt to swim,
you laughed and pushed me in.

But a girl needs a man,
not someone standing on boxes, constantly offering hands.
Cos men can be ruthless and openly not give a damn
and girls understand.
But you never grew into me,
you dropped three sizes to how you used to be.
They made no sense to you, all the silly deeds I'd do.


from not myself​-​titled, released September 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Jerome Knappett Melbourne, Australia

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